Golito is a development project run by me that allows you to manage friend lists and payments for your team events.

Don"t make any more lists by hand

You only have to share the link of your team event by any means of communication and let the application take care of the administration of the list of registrants in order of registration date.

Share event information once

It is no longer necessary to specify the event data to each of the participants: address, place, value of the contribution, etc. Just type them once in the app and everyone will know that information. Also, if you need to make changes, all registrants will receive update notifications.

Smart event scheduling

Is it a recurring event every week? Golito allows you to create repeating events based on certain rules, in such a way that you only have to create the event once and it will automatically update for each week, without the need for anything additional on your part.

Do you need to collect a contribution for the event?

Thanks to our integration with Nequi® and Bancolombia®, you can receive payments through these means, in this way you will be able to better manage the collection of your events and not have to receive cash in the 21st century. If something happens, you can also make refunds of these amounts.

Access from any device

You can access the application from any of your devices: from your PC, from your tablet or from your mobile device. You will always see the updated information and you will be able to see the changes in real time. You should not be reloading the application to see the information of those who are registering for your event!

Best of all: It"s free for you to try!

We have created this application with the purpose that the activity of planning a team event of any kind is not torture. Organizing people, confirming who will attend and who will not, collecting a contribution from each one of them, among other actions, are tasks that we have ever experienced and that are very tedious and end up wearing down the energy of the organizer, energy that can be saved. to carry out other activities such as enjoying the activity itself! So what are you waiting for to try it? Sign up and start organizing your events in an easier and faster way!